Konte includes multiple pre-configured header layouts to choose from. Each with its own look and set of options that allow you to customize it to fit your site design.

Unlimited Headers

Beside pre-configured header layouts, Konte also has options to help you build your own header.

[konte_icon_box icon_type=”external” title=”Header Layout”]Konte header is split into 3 sections: Topbar, Header Top, and Header Bottom. Each section has 3 columns: left, right, and center. You can add elements to each column. You can say Konte header is unlimited.[/konte_icon_box]
[konte_icon_box icon_type=”external” title=”Header Background”]Besides building your own header with custom elements, you can also change the header background, text color, etc.[/konte_icon_box]
[konte_icon_box icon_type=”external” title=”Custom Logo”]Basically, you can upload your logo image. But with Konte, you can design your own logo with Text Logo or SVG Logo. It helps you control your logo easier for retina screens.[/konte_icon_box]
[konte_icon_box icon_type=”external” title=”And More”]Customizing every single element of your website’s header like search form, menu, icon, custom tagline, promotion text, etc. Everything becomes easier with Konte.[/konte_icon_box]
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